Team Resilience

Workplace teams are often a very unlikely collection of humans, working in high pressure, uncertain contexts with a leader who is still trying to figure out how to lead themselves!

In the constantly changing complexity of many work environments team dynamics can make or break not just the individuals within the teams but also in a ripple effect, the families and communities that those team members are a part of. Chronic stress, unrelieved workload pressure and an ever growing list of places we don’t go in our conversations can lead to teams performing well below their combined potential, and leaders of such teams can quickly feel out of their depth in supporting, shaping or changing their team culture.

We work with leaders, and their teams, to create a shared under standing of their work, shared language and ways of working together and the confidence to tackle challenging situations more effectively. Working initially with the leader, and individuals within the team we aim to understand the core challenges and blocks in effective communication. We then work with the team together to rebuild trust and empower their engagement within their team. We then empower the leader to confidently build the resilience of their team to create sustainable new ways of working together that creates more enjoyable, effective, engaged work places where people can truly perform at their best more often.

This is much more than a one-off, one size fits all team training filled with models and quick fixes. We work with the leaders involved to shape customised development experiences that directly tackle the team’s biggest challenges whilst growing the leadership skills and confidence of their manager. We embed key learning of team dynamics within the lived experiences of that team and we create safe spaces in which the team can continue to have open, challenging dynamic conversations that support their ongoing best performance.

Working over a few months through facilitated conversations and 1:1 coaching,this approach transforms teams in sustainable ways. Halved absenteeism, organic team projects and reduced leader stress are all consistent outcomes we create through this work.

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