Amy is an engaging, insightful, playful, dynamic speaker delivering bespoke keynote presentations that support the objectives of your event. She is a skilled MC who grabs an audience, raises their energy levels, gets people both thinking, and laughing, whilst ensuring your event runs smoothly and to time.

Amy is a flexible and adaptable Speaker, easy and reliable to work with, and seamlessly deals with whatever actually happens on the day. She has been speaking regularly at conferences and professional events since 2006. Her speaking is succinct, inspiring, connected directly with the audience she is speaking with; and focuses on what her audience can take away and use immediately to support their own development.

Recent keynotes include:

  • “Thriving, Smiling Managers – Supporting Well-Being Through the Reality of High Stress”
  • "Unlocking Confidence for Thriving Teams"
  • “Developing Resilience in Complex Workplaces”
  • “Your Leadership Brand”
  • “Leadership Skills for Complexity”
  • “Speak to be Heard”
  • “Leadership Conversations”
  • “Be Yourself to Be Successful”
  • “Find Your Voice”
  • “The Identity Crisis of New Leaders”
  • “Interview Confidently”
  • “Clear Your Thinking to Clear Your Desk”
  • “Make Your Butterflies Fly in Formation”

Amy is available to travel to your event within Australia and will work with your team to optimise the package available, including customised content, materials and any follow-up. If you are looking for a dynamic, engaging Speaker for your next event, with a focus on the complexities of being human and working with other humans, please contact our team to discuss your needs.

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What else does Amy do?
“Amy is an amazing coach and is truly transformational for my career progression. The benefits are out of this world – there is always a Whaoh! moment during our coaching sessions – you need to try the experience to believe it and to understand the benefits. She helped me to achieve my full potential and was instrumental to my career progression. In this new business environment, I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone who wants to have a successful career.”
Director of a global professional services firm
“As the CEO elect of the business, Amy helped me to transition into my new role and to think strategically. In addition, we used Amy as a coach for the senior management team to help them embrace the new journey facing the organisation. Amy has clearly delivered value to the organisation and there is no doubt that the return on investment is well over 100% over the 12 month period.”
CEO Elect of a leading financial services organisation