Leadership Coaching

Amy coaches emerging leaders and mid-level managers both 1:1 and in small groups with an explicit focus on developing their confidence to step up to lead in complex high-pressure environments.
Coaching offers an individualised approach to professional development where, through guided solution and learning focused conversations and experimental practise, professionals can use their own workplace experiences as both case studies and laboratories to support their leadership growth. It is a highly valuable component of Professional Development Plans for managers with high workloads, limited availability and challenging balances of both business deliverables and team leadership responsibilities. Amy’s coaching approach is evidence-based, utilises current understanding of neuroplasticity, growth mindset, dialogic practise and leadership development, creating spaces for deeper thinking, reflective learning and practical, immediately applicable incremental changes for the workplace.
95% of clients
In 2018-19 95%of clients
who came to me wanting to step up to a new role,
successfully moved to a new, higher position within 12 months.
Working with Amy either face-to-face (in your Brisbane CBD office or her office in Manly) or remotely (via phone or web-based video conferencing through any device), clients see both rapid improvements in their performance and thinking patterns, and deep, long-term, sustained change in their capacity to lead and influence others. Amy’s focus is on supporting her clients to develop the confidence to step in to difficult, complex and ambiguous situations; to hold in mind the bigger picture they are working towards; to communicate with clarity and perspective; and to create space between their thoughts and actions so that their Impact more closely aligns with their Intention. This empowers her clients to have more control over their leadership behaviours; and to be perceived as stronger, more engaging, more effective peers, colleagues and leaders.
Amy’s coaching packages are highly flexible and designed individually for you – to best meet your schedule, the urgency of your goals and the stages of your professional development. Sessions are usually 1-hour in duration; held weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad hoc as you need; include thorough and detailed follow-up notes with tools designed specifically for your needs; and invoices are sent after completion of each session, making it easier to fit your, or your company’s, professional development budget.

If you are considering including coaching within your professional development plan at your next review, contact Amy for an initial conversation and she can help you prepare a proposal for your boss.

Clients describe working with Amy as being like working with a sports coach for your professional performance - someone to help you focus on your behaviours in the workplace; hone a mindset that will best support your success and support you to bounce back from mistakes; to keep you moving towards the leader you wish to become.
Group Coaching
During the COVID pandemic Amy developed the ‘Leader Support Series’ in response to the emerging needs she was seeing for managers and leaders to have a space to think through the challenges they were facing, and share ideas for solutions.
20+ cohorts later, this is now a highly popular program for leaders, expanding to an Executive Support Series in 2023, requested by senior leaders who wanted what their managers were having! Each series works with cohorts of a maximum of 8 leaders over 3-months of fortnightly highly-interactive, virtual, group coaching, focused on creating a safe space for leaders to
  • share their challenges,
  • learn from each other,
  • deepen their self-awareness and learn directly relevant and pragmatic leadership skills they can immediately apply in the workplace.
  • We also include peer pair coaching conversations which participants consistently highly value as part of their learning.
In our leaders’ words:
“I really valued this safe peer space that is so critical for the self-reflection work that we need to do as leaders.”
“Walked away from every session with inspiration and new leadership tools to try.”
“The conversations really made me choose to listen in. Loved that you made as much space for the little things as the bigger things – helping us recognise that big transformation can happen from the smallest of things, and that it’s all valuable learning.”
Examples of some of our Coaching Packages for Professionals
Stepping Past Low Confidence

Understand how to shift in to confidence for you

Developing tools for self-reflection and intentional, aspirational choice

Articulating where confidence is having an impact in your work place
Stepping Up to Next Position

Understanding what you are really looking for in your next role

Honing CV / Applications

Strategically growing your Network to support your next step

Interview Confidently

Transition out of old and in to new role
Stepping In to Challenging Periods

Planning for what is ahead

Contingency planning

Improving time management / delegation / prioritisation

Building support to help
Why Coaching Works

Long-lasting sustainable change in behaviour requires making long-lasting changes in the brain.

However unhelpful your habits might feel right now; your brain is not fixed. Neuroplasticity allows it to constantly change, develop and learn new behaviours.

But it’s not easy! Your brain needs repeated and consistent attention to the new behaviours you wish to create, along with deep connections between existing beliefs and the new behaviours.

A great Coach facilitates neuroplasticity – they give you space to clarify your thinking, challenge old behaviours, experiment with new ones, and strengthen connections to create new ways of tackling your challenges and thriving!
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What else does Amy do?
When I started my sessions with Amy I didn't know what to expect from coaching. It opened up a new world of ideas and possibilities. I looked forward to every session and loved every minute of it. Amy is great at asking challenging questions, helping you identify priorities and adjust them as things evolve, and making you really work on your goals. Amy helped me identify what was going on in my brain, and as a result, I was able to have difficult conversations with leaders in our team and create momentum for changes in our team culture.
Senior Analyst in logistics
For the past 18 months I have been acting in a mid-level leadership role & wish to continue up the ladder into a senior role. For this purpose, I was recommended to Amy to develop my leadership skills. I partnered with Amy in a small cohort of other leaders to engage and explore our current leadership challenges. Amy’s advice and insights were easy to understand and realistic, & subsequently, I have been able to adapt her methods into my work. Amy continues to be someone I partner with in my work and I have built a deeper understanding of how to be an effective leader, how to undertake difficult conversations and lead in an evolving and changing environment.
Qld Govt client, Brisbane, 2021