Career Confidence

From professional to leader - Professionals progress through their careers rewarded for their technical expertise. Until they hit a point where that’s not enough anymore. They need to communicate differently, deliver results through others, lead teams of humans and influence in multiple directions. We can experience a big dip in confidence, a surge in overwhelm or stress and a scramble to try to grab the leadership skills that we haven’t had before.

Leadership Skill Development

At Nurturing Confidence we work with professionals who are experiencing this career transition to develop their confidence to step up to leadership. Through intensive leadership development experiences and leadership coaching we help professionals develop both the skills they need and the confidence to use them.

Our leadership development experiences include exploration of:

  • Understanding complex workplaces, messy humans and the leadership skills required to thrive
  • Influencing, coaching and engaging for high performance and great results
  • Building resilience to manage stress, overwhelm and conflicting, high pressure workloads
  • Reflective practise for ongoing leadership skills development, well past your engagement with us.

Our work is all highly experiential, interactive and evidence-based whilst being grounded in the real lived experience of the professionals we work with. Leaders emerge from working with us with a strong tool kit of leadership skills and the confidence to use them in difficult environments.

Stepping Along Your Career Pathway

As part of these leadership development experiences, we also help professionals understand how to articulate their leadership skills, build relationships and sell themselves so that they can step up and grab the next leadership opportunity in their career.

This support for their career development includes:

  • Mapping development from technical expert to leader
  • Understanding and intentionally growing professional networks to create career opportunities
  • Articulating case studies from own career that exemplify leadership skill set
  • Honing resumes, applications and interview responses to effectively sell professional capacity for potential roles
  • Preparing to Interview Confidently
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I take it on myself to get more involved. I'm confident enough to speak up more, so people are asking me more questions and for my opinion more often, so I feel more valued. And that makes me feel more confident! Before I was quiet as a mouse, I had the knowledge but no one knew. Now others have recognition that I have an opinion.
Financial Administration Manager, 2020
I found out today that I've been successful and definitely promoted this time! Highly suitable and top of the round :) I'm super pleased and really proud. Thank you so very much for your help in preparing me for interview. I am very confident that this made all the difference for me.
Client feedback 2020