Amy is an amazing coach and is truly transformational for my career progression. The benefits are out of this world – there is always a Whaoh! moment during our coaching sessions – you need to try the experience to believe it and to understand the benefits. She helped me to achieve my full potential and was instrumental to my career progression. In this new business environment, I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone who wants to have a successful career.
Director of a global professional services firm
As the CEO elect of the business, Amy helped me to transition into my new role and to think strategically. In addition, we used Amy as a coach for the senior management team to help them embrace the new journey facing the organisation. Amy has clearly delivered value to the organisation and there is no doubt that the return on investment is well over 100% over the 12 month period.
CEO Elect of a leading financial services organisation
What really touched my heart is that Amy always shares from a place of truth. I really admire her authenticity. She has a genuine caring heart for people and she really listens. I think that makes her perfect for the job as speaker and even more so as a personal coach!
Marketing Project Manager for multinational cultural development programme
When I started my sessions with Amy I didn't know what to expect from coaching. It opened up a new world of ideas and possibilities. I looked forward to every session and loved every minute of it. Amy is great at asking challenging questions, helping you identify priorities and adjust them as things evolve, and making you really work on your goals. Amy helped me identify what was going on in my brain, and as a result, I was able to have difficult conversations with leaders in our team and create momentum for changes in our team culture.
Senior Analyst in logistics
When I first started my sessions with Amy I was cynical of what coaching could possibly achieve for me. I previously thought that no one could help improve my life, other than myself and what could anyone else possibly do? Well I still believe this is true, but my sessions with Amy made the things that i needed to do clearer. Talking to Amy gave me the head space and time to think through what i wanted to change in my life and helped me find solutions. These changes weren't all earth shattering, most were small things that in totality made a big difference.
Head of Service of a local government department UK
At the beginning, it was quite a bizarre feeling to voice out various things about oneself to a person that you do not know, especially having to mention your weaknesses and what you want to achieve. Afterwards, I did not even realize that it became so normal and easy for me to express myself. These sessions made me realize that I have the ability to achieve my goals and what I can achieve. It was extremely helpful to have someone who could ask me the right questions, give me the words of encouragement, help me to realize the importance of the small things that I was doing. Now, in everything I do I try to ask myself relevant questions. The sessions have also helped me to express myself. Now I feel more confident in my day to day work.
Accounting Services Manager of an international professional services firm.
The coaching sessions strengthened my approach to addressing work place challenges and understanding my own strengths and areas for development. I also believe that I gained valuable new skills in problem solving through reflection, strategic goal setting and action monitoring. Finally, it was clear to me that talking to a coach who is very professional in her work made it very easy to discuss matters without feeling shy or scared of telling the truth.
Head of Corporate Services of an international financial firm
Amy is warm, energetic and very sharp in her thinking. Through the fun chat and laughter, she captures the insights and follows the train of thoughts. Her style is encouraging, energizing and empowering. I also enjoyed the many brainstorming and gently challenging moments during the coaching. I enjoyed the fun atmosphere she managed to establish. I particularly appreciated her coaching notes, which are always timely, well summarized and to the point. The learning goes beyond the session when I compare our notes and find the points that I missed and were captured by her. The coaching has accompanied me through a time of establishing my own business. The affirmation, encouragement, brainstorming, insights and a chance to off-load gave me more confidence in my own ability to handle new professional challenges.
Cross Cultural Trainer, Coach, Singapore
I found Amy’s talk thoroughly enjoyable. Her energy was inspiring, and her feedback was very useful. Her session was the type that would be useful to school pupils and senior managing directors alike. She is clearly great at what she does, and her enthusiasm was infectious!
Senior Lawyer at a mining company
I just wanted to thank you again for the superb work you did as MC at the ball. I received lots of positive comments from guests who were very impressed with your energy and enthusiasm. I also believe you added the element of professionalism to the whole event.
Fundraising Chairperson of an international charity
Amy’s preparation for her MC role at our event was professional and thorough. She was enthusiastic, charismatic and inspirational throughout the evening. Her seemingly endless energy was extremely effective in guiding the audience through the occasion. She was also very encouraging and supportive to the competition participants. We would heartily recommend Amy Jackson to anyone looking for a lively and professional speaker, just as long as it is not on the same evening that we need her to speak!
Regional Manager at a social enterprise
Due to my workload I almost cancelled this morning! But I am so glad I came! Thank you!
Public Service Manager, Group Coaching client