Amy coaches emerging leaders and mid-level managers both 1:1 and in small groups. Coaching offers an individualised approach to professional development where, through guided solution and learning focused conversations, professionals can use their own workplace experiences as case studies to support their leadership growth. Amy’s coaching approach is evidence-based, utilises current understanding of neuroplasticity, growth mindset and dialogic practise, and creates spaces for deeper thinking, reflective learning and experimental change.

Working with Amy either face-to-face or remotely (through phone or web-based video conferencing), clients see both rapid improvements in their performance and thinking patterns, as well as deep, long-term, sustained change. Amy’s focus is on supporting her clients to develop the confidence to step in to difficult, complex and ambiguous situations; to hold in mind the bigger picture they are working towards; and to create space between their thoughts and actions. This empowers them to have more control over their leadership behaviours; and to be perceived as stronger, more engaging, more effective peers, colleagues and leaders.

Clients describe working with Amy as being like working with a sports coach for your professional performance – someone to help you focus on your behaviours in the workplace; hone a mindset that will best support your success and support you to bounce back from mistakes; and keep you moving towards the leader you wish to become.

Long-lasting, sustainable change in behaviour requires making long-lasting changes in the brain. However unhelpful your habits might feel right now; your brain is not fixed. Neuroplasticity allows it to constantly change, develop, and learn new behaviours. But it’s hard work! Your brain needs repeated and consistent attention to the new behaviours you wish to create, along with deep connections between existing beliefs and the new behaviour you wish to introduce. A great Coach facilitates neuroplasticity – they give you space to clarify your thinking, challenge old behaviours and strengthen connections to create new ways of working.

Amy’s coaching packages are designed individually for you, to best match your schedule, the urgency of your goals and the stages of your professional development. This could be weekly 30 minute sessions, fortnightly (most common) or monthly 1 hour sessions.

Some of the issues Amy’s clients bring to their sessions:

If you are fed up with holding yourself back and are ready to step in to improving your confidence and step up to becoming a more effective, engaging leader, then Amy would be very happy to speak with you. Send her an email to find a mutually convenient time to have an obligation-free coffee in Brisbane, or virtually from wherever you are. Amy will help you to figure out what support would best help your development right now, and if it is professional coaching, to figure out what package of support could fit best.

Accredited Associate Professional Coach with the International Coach Federation, Associate Fellow of Australian Institute of Executive Coaches. Amy coaches clients across Australia and the world – from Brisbane to Perth, London to Singapore via Mauritius.