Amy is a dynamic, engaging, flexible Facilitator. Amy works with clients to create learning experiences that are highly modified to the needs of the participants and the organisation, as well as highly interactive, evidence-based and pragmatic. Amy focuses on ensuring that learning is directly related to the professional experience of participants, and that they walk away with a clear understanding of and plan for, how they will apply the learning immediately in their workplace.

Amy focuses on developing leaders who listen, confidently step in to challenges, pause to think first and can hold in mind the bigger picture so that they lead effectively through complexity, ambiguity and constant change. Working with participants and drawing from their experiences, she uses discussion and experiences to create learning that inspires, energises and sticks. Amy also modifies her programs to meet the needs of your organisation, from brief lunchtime sessions, to extended multi-day immersive experiences.

Amy is inspiring and fun to work with and participants finish their experience buzzing with the excitement of their own possibilities, grounded in a realistic understanding of how to make that learning work. With over 10 years experience facilitating in commercial, government, education and voluntary sectors, Amy’s breadth of understanding on how to engage participants will ensure the success of your professional development initiative.

Recent modules include:

If you are looking for a fresh approach for your next professional development initiative, please email Amy to discuss whether her Facilitative approach could help you meet your organisation’s learning objectives.